Samuel I. Hershberger and Mary (Livingston) Hershberger's 50th Wedding Anniversary
March 24th, 1911

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News Paper Article reporting Samuel & Mary's Golden Wedding Anniversary
Taken from "The Daily Tribune" date ????
Article titled: Golden Wedding of Well-Known Couple Is Celebrated

Mr. and Mrs. Samuel I. Hershberger last Tuesday celebrated their golden wedding anniversary at the Hershberger homestead near Geistown surrounded by relatives and friends to the number of over half a hundred. The venerable couple threw their home open to the guests and there was unadulterated joy and happiness from morning until late at night. An elaborate dinner and supper were served. The older people gathered during the day and spent the time in recalling reminiscences of other days. The evening was given over to the young people and the house literally rang with the laughter of the happy crowd. The aged celebrants were the recipients of handmade and beautiful presents.

Mr. Hershberger is a son of the late Isaac and Rebecca Fye Hershberger of Richland township and his wife whose maiden name was Mary A. Livingston is a daughter of the late Jacob and Sallie Custer Livingston also of Richland township. Mr. and Mrs. Hershberger were married half a century ago by squire Adam Grumbling of Richland township also deceased. Samuel I. Hershberger is 72 years of age and Mrs. Hershberger is 73. Both are still in good health. Mr. Hershberger has followed the contracting business all his life. His father, Isaac Hershberger, at one time owned practically all of what is now the Seventeenth ward. The price of the land, which was overgrown with elderberry and blackberry bushes, was about 65 cents. Squire Isaac Hershberger in his time was one of the most widely known men in this section of the state.

Samuel Hershberger and his ?????????? wife have always lived in the vicinity of Geistown. Mr. Hershberger as a contractor erected many of the buildings in this city. When the oil fever broke out in the Oil City region he erected the first derricks there.

Nine children were born to Mr. and Mrs. Samuel Hershberger all of the survivors being present at Wednesday's reunion. They are as follows: Emma, wife of Harry Quinn; David M. and John H. of Geistown; William, the well-known contractor; Lizzie, wife of John Blough of Geistown; Samuel, Jr. at home; and Isaac of Johnstown. The deceased children are Mary and Sadie.

Samuel, Jr., returned for the golden wedding after an absence of 15 years. During that time he had been practically all over the country. Mr. and Mrs. Hershberger have 28 grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

A source of regret was the absence of David Hershberger of Walnut Grove, a brother of Samuel I. Hershberger during the festivities. The aged Walnut Grove man was so ill that he could not attend the celebration.

Following is a list of those who attended the celebration:

Mrs. Emma Quinn, Mrs. D. H. ?????, Mrs. William Calhoun, Mr. and Mrs. David Hershberger, Mr. and Mrs. John Hershberger, Mr. and Mrs. William Hershberger, Mr. and Mrs. John Blough, Mr. and Mrs. S. S. Hummel, Mr. and Mrs. William Layton, Jacob Livingstone, Mr. and Mrs. Daniel Yoder, Mrs. John Lehman, Mrs. Charles Shaffer, Mrs. Joseph Grover, Mrs. Allison, Mrs. Kern, Mrs. Hannah Thomas, Mrs. George Ritter, and Misses Sadie Helsel, Myrtle Hershberger, Erma Hershberger, Malinda Livingstone, Ida Livingstone, Mabel Hershberger, Ruth Berkey, Ollie Paul, Mabel Wingard, Ethel Grover, Stella Grover, Cora Paul, Sidleys Paul, Edna Berkey, the Messrs Frank Helsel, Charles Helsel, Joseph Hershberger, Wesley Hershberger, Thomas Hershberger, Lawrence Hershberger, George Hershberger, Lloyd Hershberger, Ira Hershberger, Stanford Hershberger, John Blough, Samuel Hershberger, Isaac Hershberger, Percy Hershberger, Irvin Paul, Frank Berkey, John Helsel and Masters Oscar Wonders, Victor Hill, John Calhoun, Mearl Hershberger and Wilbur Lehman.

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